About Us

“For nearly a century, the Opici name on a bottle of wine has stood for high quality, consistency, and value. We prided ourselves on a commitment to building relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees based on trust and common purpose. Our mission is to continue to offer the highest quality wines at the best possible prices.”

– Hubert Opici

Opici Wines has a portfolio of nearly 50 brands from around the world, including Italy, Spain, France, Chile, Argentina, Hungary, and the United States. We offer wines for every taste and budget, and each one represents a great value to the consumer. Our brands are represented nationally through a countrywide distributor network.

The Opici Wines portfolio includes classic selections under the Opici label, such as Homemade Barberone, Burgundy, Chianti, and Marsala, as well as some of the world’s most respected wineries, including Cesari and Carpineto from Italy, Albet i Noya and Dinastia Vivanco from Spain, Chateau Beaulieu and Domaine Roux Pere e Fils from France, De Martino from Chile, Ruca Malen and Goulart from Argentina, and Sauska from Hungary.

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