Opici Wines is excited to introduce the newest addition to our portfolio, Totara from the world-renown Marlborough region, covering the two most important varietals of New Zealand, Sauvignon Blanc & Pinot Noir.
Brand Highlights
 Name derived from the celebrated indigenous Totara tree
 Crafted by established winemaker who helped shape Cloudy Bay’s signature style
 Quality that really over-delivers for the price
 Innovative flavor profile that combines citrus and stone fruit with bright acidity on a textured finish
 Vinified to pair perfectly with a variety of cuisines, always matching the balance of dishes with the balance of the wine
 Certified as sustainably farmed by the leading New Zealand agency
Did you know?
 A Totara tree can grow to be over 100 feet tall
 The oldest Totara trees on record have been dated as nearly 1,000 years old
 Maori tribes would use the giant trees to build dwellings, boats, tools, and weapons
 Many ancient Totara forests in the Marlborough area are now protected from deforestation as historic landmarks