Valentine’s Day Wine Gift Guide

Chocolate and sappy cards are great, but let’s be serious — the best gift for Valentine’s Day is a bottle of wine. Whether you are going on a romantic date, having a low-key evening with friends, or cursing love while tearing up pictures of your ex, wine is the ultimate take along for your Valentine’s […]

Summer with Sangria

Spend those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer with Opici Sangria.

Sangria Recipes For The Perfect Summer Sip

Whether we’re lounging by the pool or relaxing at a backyard barbecue, we can’t get enough of our summertime favorite, Opici Sangria. We’re particularly excited this year because we just released our sangria in glass bottle. To celebrate, we’ve gathered some of our favorite sangria recipes below. Check out these delicious ways to add a […]