Mas Igneus

Mas Igneus is one of the most recent wineries in the Priorat area and the first to produce organic wines. Mas Igneus produces three organic wines (all called “FA” followed by a number) and two non-organic wines (under the Barranc des Closos label) from different vineyards. The top of the range, FA112, is produced almost entirely from “Coster” vineyards that produce grapes with the most concentration. FA 206 is made from a combination of Coster and Terrassa vineyards. FA refers to Fusta Allier, Catalan for “Allier Wood”, while the numbers refer to the age of the barrel and the months spent in it. Therefore, FA112 is in a 1st year barrels for 12 months, and the FA206 spends 06 months in 2nd year barrels. 1997 was the first vintage released by Mas Igneus, with a production of around 13,000 bottles of FA112 and 26,000 bottles of FA206. Mas Igneus is already establishing itself among the most well respected names in the region.