Meletti Anisette



Marches, Italy


Meletti Anisette

Meletti Anisette is one of Italy’s oldest liqueurs produced using the original recipe from 1870.   Naturally aromatic, aniseed from Le Marche is distilled in a bain marie, then, before the process is complete, blended with local fruits and herbs for further distillation to attain intensified aromatics and a smooth palate. Aged in stainless steel tanks for 4-6 months, then fine filtered using wool, Meletti Anisette is an elegant digestif that is enjoyable on its own or with coffee.



International Craft Awards - Gold Medal, 2014 Craft Spirit Awards

Wine Enthusiast - 90 pts, Best Buy

Among the best of its categoy, Meletti made its name experimenting with anise plants from numerous Italian provinces as far back as 1870, determining finally that the best quality anise grew on the Adriatic Coast directly east of Rome. The end result: a pungent aroma hinting at anise and fennel, and a mellow, sippable flavor that slowly unfurls fiery cinnamon, anise, Dutch licorice and a sweet-herbal hint of sarsaparilla.

K. Newman, April 2014