Tuscany, Italy



A Belgian-style wheat beer produced from a high percentage of spelt from Garfagnana IGP (Geographically Protected), locally sourced from Tuscany, Italy, and unmalted wheat. The fresh acidity is emphasized by a delicate spiciness from the coriander. Orange peel offers delicately sweet flavors balanced by a slight pleasant bitterness.


Wine Enthusiast - 89 pts

This Italian take on a traditional Belgian style is produced with a large percentage of Garfagnana IOP spelt and wheat. It’s a spicy and nuanced selection, with delicate scents of white flowers, orange blossom, orange peel, whole coriander, clover and bread dough. The palate loses some of those nuances, with a more direct flavor profile of toasted grains and clove-spike orange. Low carbonation and medium weight results in a smooth palate, while the finish is dry and spicy.

June 2016